Marine Conservation Mercenary for Hire

Need help with an ocean outreach project? Environmental impact review? Need a marine science consultant? Connect with Andrew Thaler.

Dr. Andrew David Thaler is a deep-sea ecologist and conservation geneticist that studies the consequences of human impacts on biodiversity and connectivity in the deep sea. He earned a PhD in Marine Science and Conservation from Duke University, where his research focused on the environmental impacts of deep-sea mining on hydrothermal vent communities in the western Pacific.

He also runs the popular marine science and conservation website Southern Fried Science and has several ongoing outreach projects. He teaches courses on social media for environmental communicators and writing in the online ecosystem. In his free time, he writes environmentally-themed science fiction.

He is actively seeking employment in marine science, conservation, or science outreach and offers consulting services for institution looking to develop an online outreach program.


January 1, 2014 • 10:53 pm